AI powered route optimizer for last-mile operations

Thanks to SmartMonkey big corporations improve their logistic operations up to 30%

Super easy route optimizer for small operations

Highway Lite

Super easy, super powerful

Save time & money

SMBs are optimizing their daily routes with Highway Lite in seconds with up to 30% savings, daily.

You'll just have to fill the gaps to get the power of the SmartMonkey's Route Optimizer

Optimize your routes with Google Spreadsheet Addon

Fast & Furious API

Ultimate route optimizer API

Flake API

Plug & play

Delightful UI

Extreme configurable API

Our route optimizer may consider several constraints that reflect your real logistic operations like time windows, capacities, pickup and delivery and much more

Discover why big corporations trust the fastest route optimizer API and save up to 30% delivery costs.

We know how hard debugging can be. With our console, you're going to resolve any issues in seconds.

Integrate your system with Flake API in minutes with any system. If you're a lucky Python user, we have a library ready to use.

Capture your driver's knowledge, autonomously

Client profiling

Machine Learning

Automated master data cleaning

To be honest, your client database is out-of-date. We know how hard is to maintain it, but did you imagine a machine can do it for you?

Let the Learning Engine build sophisticated client profiles that will empower your workforce to operate like one

Clever logistics with SmartMonkey

Optimize up to 30% your delivery efficiency

Capture your driver's knowledge, autonomosly

Save driving time and increase productivity

Reduce the risks of operations by automating the planning process

You're in good company

Thanks to SmartMonkey big corporations improve their logistic operations up to 30%. Saving driving time, gas and route planning time. Reducing operational risk.


Up to

Case Study

"Thanks to Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning SmartMonkey is capable of optimizing last-mile logistic routes"

With SmartMonkey's AI Heineken increases the efficiency of their operations. Learning from clients behavior and optimizing the distribution routes.

SmartMonkey was born in 2016.

The year of the monkey.

We want to make logistics smarter. Using Machine learning and AI we are able to automate complex decisions in seconds.

This Theorem underlines an important philosophy for us: don’t let the monkeys simply type away for infinity. We must use them effectively, efficiently and most importantly, we must manage them in a smart way.

“Infinite monkeys hitting typewriter keys at random for an infinite amount of time will eventually type the complete works of William Shakespeare.”

Infinite Monkey

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