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The aim of this template is to send the minimum information we'll need to perform the study. We'll need all the stops of your route in a normal day. Ordered by the sequence of their delivery, or if you have the time of each delivery will be ok. We will need to reproduce your route and compare with our optimization route. Once we have the data, we will start optimizing your route and studing the productivity growth. You will receive a report with all the data in order to check the benefits of using our technology in your daily work. There is no better trial, than try with your own data.

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We will study your data in order to find the best routes. We love helping our clients, but first, they have to trust us. We want to show you how our technology could help your company in your daily work. We want to quantify the improvement we could help you to get. Because numbers numbers don't lie, we want you to trust us with our results and our full transparency.

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